Online Facilitation Training 101 with Training for Change

Thank yall for joining us for our Online Facilitation Training 101 webinar with Training for Change. We hope you learned different methods to make online meetings more engaging as shown by the awesome facilitators did throughout the webinar. Below is a recording of the webinar and supplemental material.


Digital Organizing: Free Webinar Series

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, youth organizing groups have been adapting to continue vital work in our new conditions. Groups are asking key questions about the best ways to manage their organizations and organize young people while social distancing. In response to these questions, FCYO is hosting a free webinar series to support youth organizing groups in navigating this new terrain. The series will be led by Social Movement Technologies, a movement training hub for digital organizing strategies. In 7 years as a nonprofit, unionized movement partner, Social Movement Technologies has supported over 70 organizations to build power and win transformative campaigns. The webinars will highlight best practices and resources for organizing young people in this time.


FCYO Moment to Movement Fund 2020

The FCYO Moment to Movement Fund will provide one-year grants to youth organizing groups responding to the current moment in ways that build long-term power for low-income young people, young people of color, gender oppressed young people and their communities. We will seek to support a diverse set of established and emerging organizations addressing the most pressing issues of our time. Priority will be given to organizations with a clear strategy for building power through base building, strategic alliances, and shifting public narratives. FCYO looks forward to strengthening our relationships with a wider range of organizations doing critical organizing in this moment. We currently have funds for 17 grants of $20,000.


National Youth Organizing Field Scan 2020

The Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing's (FCYO) is collecting information from youth organizing groups through a survey for a National 2020 Field Scan. The last field scan FCYO did was in 2013. 2020 will give us a chance to update that and take a longer view on the outcomes of the last 20 years. The field scan will identify and offer analysis of trends, opportunities and challenges over 20 years and how the field has grown over that time. This will also include a deeper dive into how key issues that youth organize around have changed, and the role of young people in moving issues on a national scale. These scans allow us to to improve our advocacy within philanthropy and increase resources for the great work that youth organizing groups do.


Fund Development Consultant RFP

FCYO is seeking a highly experienced development consultant to create a fundraising strategy for a new fund. This fund is being launched as part of our 20th anniversary celebration and will support young people organizing for social justice over the next twenty years. The consultant will conduct an initial feasibility study and help develop and implement a fundraising strategy which will allow FCYO to connect with foundations and donors beyond our current set of relationships.


2018 Election Debrief

This interactive webinar, held on November 14, 2018, brought together people from across the national youth organizing field to discuss major takeaways from the 2018 midterm elections. This exciting intergenerational panel offered analysis of the election, shared how their organizations are developing young people to lead electoral strategies, and answered questions from participants.


Panel: Youth of Color Leading Movements for Safety and Justice

On July 9, 2018 FCYO held a special funder strategy session focused on young people of color leading movements for safety and justice. Attendees got to hear lessons learned from young people of color who have been on the forefront of this movement, connecting the symptoms of violence to root causes of injustice.


Webinar: Youth Organizing for Power

Throughout the history of social movements in the U.S. and around the world, young people have played critical leadership roles. Over the past several decades, the youth organizing sector has grown in strength and impact. Yet most of our groups still struggle to achieve our ultimate aim - the Power to transform our communities. On March 15, 218, FCYO invited youth organizers and their allies to a virtual forum on to discuss key considerations for building meaningful power in the U.S. Over the past several years FCYO has analyzed how the youth organizing field approaches power building. We believe the central challenges facing youth organizers are reflective of those faced by organizers across the country. At the heart of those challenges is this critical question: how do we build the kind of power that transforms the conditions of everyday life for our people?


Virtual Funder Briefing: Youth Transforming School & Community Safety

he Funders' Collaborative on Youth Organizing, in collaboration with Communities for Just Schools Fund, held a Virtual Funder Brief: Youth Transforming School and Community Safety on MArch 21, 201a. This Virtual Funder Brief created the opportunity for Funders and Donors interested in the current conversations and actions regarding school community safety to learn more about youth-led grassroots efforts. The brief highlighted: The holistic movement to end violence and transform school and community safety led by young people of color Reflections on the walkouts and next steps for future actions and policy change How to center narratives and policies with a racial justice lens Victories and campaigns that are already in place to create safe, healthy and just schools and communities What Funders and Donors can do to support this young people in this moment


A Call to Funders: Support a Youth Movement for Safety and Justice for All

FCYO is creating a new fund to support young people organizing for safety and justice. This fund will focus on efforts that employ a racial justice lens and connect gun violence to other forms of systemic violence. It will look to connect young people across race and class to build unity and broader political power.