Love & Power, Joy & Rigor: FCYO’s 2022 Annual Report is Here!

Last year was historic for FCYO! We launched the Youth Power Pledge, 6 new programs, and increased the scope and scale of work - distributing $4.8 million to 108 organizations! We are excited to share our reflections in our 2022 Annual Report - “Love & Power, Joy & Rigor.”


YO-CARE Informational Webinar

Check out this recap of the YO-CARE informational webinar!


FCYO TAP Fellowship Informational Webinar

Check out the recap of the Take Action for Power Fellowship Informational Webinar


Organizing to Win Informational Webinar

Check out the recap of the Organizing to Win Lab Informational Webinar


20 Years of Youth Power: The 2020 National Youth Organizing Field Scan

Our 2020 National Youth Organizing Field Scan: 20 Years of Youth Power is our largest and most comprehensive review of the youth organizing field to date! The scan identifies and offers an analysis of trends, opportunities, and challenges over 20 years and how the field has grown over time.


FCYO'S 2020 Funder Scan: Investing in the Power of Young People

FCYO is excited to announce the release of our 2020 Funder Scan Investing in the Power of Young People: 20 Years of Philanthropic Support for Youth Organizing, which evaluates the critical role philanthropy has played in shoring up a youth organizing field poised to meet the multiple challenges of this moment. This report is part of FCYO’s 2020 National Youth Organizing Field Scan, a series of four reports that together offer an in-depth look into a field that has grown in significant ways over the last two decades.


2020 Youth Organizing Snapshot: A Field Poised to Lead

2020 is truly a landmark year for youth organizing. Yet this work is not new. Throughout history, young people - in particular young people of color, working class youth, girls, and queer and trans youth - have time and again acted as the engine propelling our most transformative movements for environmental, economic, immigrant, gender, and racial justice. Today, we set the stage with a snapshot of the youth organizing field — a field poised to lead. Stay tuned for our upcoming 2020 National Youth Organizing Field Scan, which will weave the rich story of youth organizing over the last 20 years, sharing trends, challenges, and opportunities and setting a bold new vision for the coming decades.


Transforming Positive Youth Development: A Case for Youth Organizing

FCYO is excited to announce the release of Transforming Positive Youth Development: A Case for Youth Organizing, a study of the unique contribution organizing plays in a young person’s development. Building off our Powerful Transformations capacity-building initiative, Dr. Kim Sabo-Flores of Algorhythm conducted a two-year inquiry into 500 young people’s experiences using rigorous pre- and post-test methods to compare the developmental outcomes of young people engaged in organizing with those engaged in more traditional youth development programs.


Online Facilitation Training 101 with Training for Change

Thank yall for joining us for our Online Facilitation Training 101 webinar with Training for Change. We hope you learned different methods to make online meetings more engaging as shown by the awesome facilitators did throughout the webinar. Below is a recording of the webinar and supplemental material.


Digital Organizing: Free Webinar Series

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, youth organizing groups have been adapting to continue vital work in our new conditions. Groups are asking key questions about the best ways to manage their organizations and organize young people while social distancing. In response to these questions, FCYO is hosting a free webinar series to support youth organizing groups in navigating this new terrain. The series will be led by Social Movement Technologies, a movement training hub for digital organizing strategies. In 7 years as a nonprofit, unionized movement partner, Social Movement Technologies has supported over 70 organizations to build power and win transformative campaigns. The webinars will highlight best practices and resources for organizing young people in this time.