Youth Organizing is transforming individuals


Youth organizing engages young people in building power for social change, and uses distinct sets of culturally and contextually resonant practices to develop youth leadership within a safe and supportive environment.

What are the Impacts of Youth Organizing?
Youth-Driven Social Change

Youth organizers have always played a critical role in creating real change for whole communities. Across the country, youth organizers have scored important political victories, such as introducing restorative justice models to replace punitive school discipline policies and leading the fight to pass the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.


Strong Leadership Skills & Civic Engagement

Youth organizing helps young people understand their experiences, on an individual, community and systemic level. The training and practice of community organizing educates, provides deep exposure to the political process and offers an opportunity for young people to become lifelong leaders on issues that matter to them and their communities.


Powerful Young People Achieving and Thriving

Youth organizing involves a powerful blend of culturally and contextually resonant supports, from academic tutoring to mental health and healing. Involvement in youth organizing contributes to the social-emotional and academic development of young people in powerful ways, while also promoting their civic and community engagement.


(Youth organizing is) a triple bottom line investment: you get an issue benefit, you get a community benefit, and you get a leadership development benefit for young people.

Dr. Robert Ross, CEO of the California Endowment