The Power to Win Framework is Here!

Calling on years of lessons from partnership in the youth organizing field, developed over two years of scheming, writing, and refining with our partners, FCYO is thrilled to publicly debut our Power to Win Framework! We offer this Framework as a North Star for the youth organizing field and movement leaders to guide us toward transformative justice. 

At FCYO, our mission is to support organizations in assessing their work, building new capacities, and creating organizational shifts to build power. We firmly believe that to achieve liberation and lasting change, youth organizing must reach new levels of influence, strategic alliances, and public engagement. Our guiding principle is the Power to Win Framework, which rests upon four key pillars of organizing:

  1. Long-Term Strategic Orientation: We encourage organizations to adopt a visionary approach that extends beyond immediate goals, fostering long-term planning and sustainable impact.
  1. Transformative Leadership Development: Recognizing the significance of strong leadership, we empower young organizers to develop transformative skills, cultivate their potential, and become catalysts for change.
  1. Organizing for Power: We believe in building bases at a significant scale, rallying communities around common goals, and fostering collective action to effect systemic change.
  1. Assessment and Experimentation: By embracing a culture of learning and innovation, we promote continual assessment and experimentation, allowing organizations to adapt and refine their strategies.

To learn more about the practical application, check out our recent article with Convergence Magazine highlighting how visionary organizers in our Praxis for Power cohort are actively implementing the Framework to build power in their communities. You can also tune into the Power to Win webinar series, which will occur every third Thursday of May-August at 11am Pacific/2 pm Eastern. We hope you will participate in this opportunity to be in community with other innovative movement and philanthropic leaders.

Through this Framework, we aim to enhance your capacity to assess your work, unlock new potentials, and create organizational shifts that drive meaningful change. Together, we have the power to shape a future that champions social justice, true democracy, and economic equity. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey as we empower the youth organizing field to achieve their vision and create lasting impact.