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FCYO Moment to Movement Fund 2020 Grant Awards: Young People Advancing Climate Justice and Voter Engagement

FCYO is proud to announce our 2020 Moment to Movement Fund grant partners. The Moment to Movement Fund is providing one-year grants to youth organizing groups responding to the current moment in ways that build power for low-income young people, young people of color, and gender oppressed young people to advance a more just and equitable society. In 2020 we are focused on two critical issues: climate change and voter engagement. Now more than ever, we believe the leadership of young people who have been most impacted by injustice is critical to creating a more just world.

Healthy Communities Bridge Initiative

FCYO’s 20th anniversary poses a unique opportunity to reflect on the advances youth organizing has made over the last 20 years, to evaluate our learnings from the Healthy Communities Initiative, and to put forth a courageous vision where health, justice, democracy, and equity are core values. This one-year cohort will focus on generating opportunities for alumni organizations of FCYO’s Healthy Communities Initiative to strengthen their skills and deepen their analyses. In addition, FCYO will assess the health equity landscape for youth of color to ensure future initiatives are grounded in the reality of how young people experience the adverse impacts of inequity on their health. Drawing from assessments of previous initiatives, below are the strategic areas we see as necessary to create healthier schools and communities. These will be the focal points of the organizer training, webinars, and grantmaking.

Learning & Exchange Fund (2018 - 2019)

The FCYO Learning and Exchange Fund will awarded grants of up to $5,000 across the country for youth organizing groups that articulated clear learning goals for Peer-to-Peer Learning Exchange projects with other organizing entities. Organizations that would like to learn from each other’s model and/or strategies received grant support to engage in a shared learning activity.

Pipelines to Power

Pipelines to Power will support youth and intergenerational organizing groups in strengthening organizing strategies to build the power necessary to win meaningful change for historically disenfranchised communities across the U.S. In addition to providing grant funds, this initiative will create a national learning community of organizers focused on theories of change and political analysis, and will support organizations to experiment with new strategies for building power in the current moment. Pipelines to Power is designed to help young people play critical roles in building strong intergenerational social movements by helping build a regenerating base of young social justice leaders and by supporting youth organizing groups to develop new strategies to build meaningful power.

Youth Organizing Landscape Map

FCYO's Youth Organizing Landscape Map is an interactive map and searchable database of the U.S national youth organizing field. This platform offers a living landscape of the diverse groups across the country, sharing basic information on youth organizing groups and their campaigns across the country and connecting different organizing groups together to share resources coming out of their work.

Youth Community Organizing Resource Exchange (Youth CORE)

FCYO's Youth Community Organizing Resource Exchange (Youth CORE) is a set of activities that aim to help build a stronger and more stable youth organizing field in the U.S. Launched in 2015, Youth CORE’s activities  bring together a large number of youth organizers from across the country to share learnings, build relationships, and develop common strategy.

National Youth Alliance for Boys & Men of Color

The National Youth Alliance on Boys and Men of Color is an alliance of five youth organizing networks committed to advancing the leadership of young men of color in organizing for change in their communities.

FCYO Funder Advisory Services

FCYO provides contract services to funders working at the intersection of youth organizing and other social change strategies. Our staff and network of experienced consultants can provide tailored support to foundations and donors at the local, regional, state and national level across a variety of different strategic and operational challenges.