Testing for the Future: The FCYO 2023 Annual Report is Here!

Above all else, “experimentation” was the defining word of 2023 for FCYO. From the rousing launch of our Power to Win Framework, to the rich learnings and connections drawn from our GenPower Labs and YO-CARE cohorts, transformative waves are rippling through the youth organizing field.

This bunch of movement scientists is delighted to present “Testing for the Future: The FCYO 2023 Annual Report.” Offering program snapshots and windows into our funder organizing work, the 2023 Annual Report is a reflection on a year of grounded assessment and bold experimentation with our signature blend of sharp organizers and forward-thinking philanthropic leaders. As we embark on a pivotal year, we hope this report inspires you to step into the movement laboratory and join us in supporting the vital work of youth-led and intergenerational organizations building the power to win!

Download HERE.