The Organizing to Win Lab

The Organizing to Win Lab (OWL) is a one-year grantmaking initiative and the entry point into FCYO’s GenPower Labs. It supports a broad range of youth-led and multi-generational organizations across the United States addressing the most pressing issues of the moment. This annual grantmaking and capacity-building program cultivates a peer-learning community centered on honest reflection and authentic conversations among organizers. The program includes sessions to strengthen assessments of sociopolitical conditions, tools to internally evaluate organizing methodologies, and opportunities to grapple with peers regarding the strengths and limitations of youth organizing. Organizations completing this program will better understand their organizing in the context of long-term power building.

The Organizing to Win Lab (OWL) will facilitate 6-8 virtual strategic education sessions paired with assessments and debrief sessions. Each section of the program is interdependent. The strategic education will offer an introductory analysis to the current socio-historical political moment and power building frameworks. Organizations will be given a guide to facilitate an organizational assessment to assess current approaches to power building in relation to topics covered in the strategic education sessions. Lastly, organizations meet in facilitated peer learning groups (i.e. debrief sessions) to discuss their reflections with their peers while discussion questions posed to the group. 

2022 - 2023 Organizing to Win Lab Cohort

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FCYO Announces $1.2 Million in Grants for the Organizing to Win Lab

Congratulations to our Organizing to Win Lab cohort of grantees!