The Organizing to Win Lab

The Organizing to Win Lab will present a series of virtual sessions on strategic education, offer capacity-building tools, and foster a peer learning space throughout the course of one year. The sessions, facilitated by Grassroot Policy Project, will combine interactive lectures, small group discussions, and space to grapple with socio-political content that will inform their strategic orientation.

There will be assigned readings and/or videos. Throughout the process, participants will complete mini assignments to reflect on their organizing methodology and power-building approaches.

The strategic education offered in this program is intended to establish a common framework among participants for assessing their organization’s current work and thinking about what kinds of shifts in organizational strategy may be necessary to win meaningful social change. We will do an introductory analysis of U.S. Racial Capitalism and the ways in which race, class, and gender intertwine to shape the social and political conditions of this country. This will involve taking a closer look at how the system has functioned over the past 40 years to create the levels of inequality and repression that our communities are currently living through.

Groups selected to participate in The Organizing to Win Lab will strengthen relationships through a peer learning community rooted in vulnerability, transparency, and a commitment to collective movement building, with an aim toward:

  • Increasing capacity for long-term strategy and power building by examining organizing campaigns, approaches to base building, and leadership development models.
  • Building collective understanding of the conditions that led to the current political moment and assessing the role young people play in catalyzing multigenerational movements

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FCYO Announces $1.2 Million in Grants for the Organizing to Win Lab

Congratulations to our Organizing to Win Lab cohort of grantees!