We provide regular opportunities for youth organizing groups to come together and learn from each other. Here you will find information on upcoming convenings, workshops, webinars, and other events held by FCYO and our allies.

Webinar - New Research on the Impacts of Youth Organizing

March 2nd, 2018


FCYO, along with its co-sponsors, The Aspen Institute, The California Endowment, The Cricket Island Foundation, The Edward W. Hazen Foundation and Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE), invites youth organizers and funders to a webinar on introducing our latest report: Transforming Young People and Communities: New Findings on the Impacts of Youth Organizing. This webinar will highlight emerging research across various studies on how involvement in youth organizing contributes to the social-emotional and academic development of young people in powerful ways, while also promoting their civic and community engagement, particularly for young people living in low-income communities and communities of color. This new research is beginning to indicate the engaging young people in organizing to address issues in their communities is in fact one of the most effective ways to support their holistic development.

Youth CORE Webinar: Youth Organizing for Power

March 15th, 2018

Over the past several years FCYO has analyzed how the youth organizing field approaches power building. We believe the central challenges facing youth organizers are reflective of those faced by organizers across the country. At the heart of those challenges is this critical question: how do we build the kind of power that transforms the conditions of everyday life for our people? In this interactive session we will engage participants in a conversation about the strengths and limits of our current organizing models. We will offer assessments of the youth organizing field that we believe are relevant for all community organizing. We will also highlight the work of El Pueblo Inc. and Oakland Kids First, two groups who are thinking critically about how to take their power building to the next level. Most importantly, participants will have the opportunity to reflect with other organizers from around the country on their experiences of working to build power.