Healthy Communities Phase III

Building on the successes of The Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing’s past Healthy Communities initiatives, this third phase will further advance the leadership of young people of color in advocating for the creation of healthy schools as a foundation for improved physical, social and emotional health of students.

Moment to Movement Fund

In November 2016, FCYO made one-year grants to 24 youth organizing groups working in 14 states across the country. These Moment to Movement Fund grants support youth and intergenerational work that responds to the current moment in ways that build long-term power for low-income young people, young people of color and their communities. Grant sizes ranged from $10,000 - $20,000. This is a onetime grant program that will not be repeated in 2017.

Healthy Communities Phase II

FCYO's Healthy Communities initiative is a strategic capacity-building and communications initiative that supports low-income young people and young people of color organizing to address the root causes of childhood obesity.

Media & Technology Project

In 2015-2016, FCYO sponsored a capacity building project focused on helping youth organizing groups integrate social media and communications technology into their organizing models. This project supported seven youth organizing groups who were already doing excellent face-to-face organizing and who demonstrated an interest and a readiness to incorporate a greater level of media and technology into their work in order to engage a larger audience and build power.

Learning & Exchange Fund (2016 -2017)

The Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing recently established the Learning and Exchange Fund to provide support for shared learning opportunities, and to respond to organizers request for support to refine their organizing strategies considering the current political moment. We are excited to support over 40 learning opportunities and exchanges of youth organizing groups across the country. The Learning and Exchange Fund is part of FCYO’s Youth Community Organizing Resource Exchange (Youth CORE) program.

Powerful Transformations

Powerful Transformations: Strengthening, Evaluating, and Funding the Impact of Youth Organizing on Individual Young People. This capacity building initiative supports ten well-established youth organizing groups to understand, strengthen, and measure how they support young people’s social/emotional, academic, and basic needs as they organize. In addition, groups receive training to reach new funders, especially those funders that focus on outcomes for individual young people.