2020 Youth Organizing Snapshot: A Field Poised to Lead

Across the country, young people are at the forefront of momentous social change. Mobilized en masse, they are achieving critical victories in the fight to end the school to prison pipeline. They are spearheading dynamic mutual aid networks to meet their communities’ needs during a pandemic of unprecedented scale. They are energizing young voters with forward-thinking demands for a new and more democratic era. 

2020 is truly a landmark year for youth organizing. 

Yet this work is not new. Throughout history, young people - in particular young people of color, working class youth, girls, and queer and trans youth - have time and again acted as the engine propelling our most transformative movements for environmental, economic, immigrant, gender, and racial justice. 

Today, we set the stage with a snapshot of the youth organizing field — a field poised to lead. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming 2020 National Youth Organizing Field Scan, which will weave the rich story of youth organizing over the last 20 years, sharing trends, challenges, and opportunities and setting a bold new vision for the coming decades.