Youth CORE Webinar: Transformative Media Organizing - Breaking Borders, Redefining Sanctuary

May 30th, 2017

On May 30th at 3pm ET, FCYO's Youth CORE presents the second in a two-part webinar series on the Sanctuary Movement with Transformative Media Organizing - Breaking Borders, Redefining Sanctuary. Join FCYO, Global Action Project and a panel of speakers from Mijente, BYP100 and DRUM as they discuss transformative media organizing that can expand the narrative framework around "sanctuary" and build local community defense infrastructure.

Message Strategies to Grow Foundation Funding for Youth Organizing

March 10th, 2016

This webinar for funders focuses on results from FCYO's Shared Narrative project on narrative strategies for funder-to-funder advocacy. The Movement Strategy Center and Wonder Strategies for Good will discuss how funders can strategically communicate with foundation peers to increase funding for youth organizing.