Digital for Youth Power: How to use digital to recruit and move people to action

Over 8 months in 2015-2016, FCYO sponsored a Media and Technology Capacity Building initiative supporting seven youth organizing groups to integrate digital organizing into their work. The project was led by PowerLabs, a consulting firm specializing in helping organizations build powerful movements by integrating community organizing and digital strategy. This webinar features initiative participants sharing what they learned as well as overall lessons on how youth organizing groups can use digital tools to build power.

About three out of four teens have access to a mobile phone, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. Most go online daily and about a quarter of them use the Internet "almost constantly." The typical teen also sends and receives 30 text messages a day.

In this webinar, we'll look at how organizers are using digital tools - text messaging, social media, email and the web - to reach young people and their adult allies, bring them into a campaign and move them to action.

You'll learn about some of the fundamental tactics - like using a petition to recruit new supporters, get earned media coverage and pressure decision makers - and hear how groups across the country are putting them into practice. A list of resources is attached above!