Using the ReGenerations: Leadership Pipeline Tooklit for Transitions

From 2011-2013, FCYO implemented the ReGenerations: Leadership Pipeline Initiative, which was designed to develop a framework for a comprehensive social justice leadership pipeline and to support 20 youth organizing groups from across the country to strengthen their holistic supports for young people. Through this initiative a number of lessons were learned and tools were developed for supporting young people to become lifelong community as they transition out of youth organizing.

The leadership pipeline framework is defined by three stages that align with the political and personal development of young people within youth organizing programs. The 'Entry Stage' is where young people are first recruited to programs or activities that introduce them to organizing work. Next is the 'Development Stage' in which young people build their political consciousness and skills through structured curriculum and hands-on campaign organizing and reflection. Last is the 'Transition Stage,' which captures their involvement in post-high school opportunities to deepen their skills and analysis and further their engagement with the broader social justice movement.

The ReGenerations: Leadership Pipeline Toolkit was created to provide curriculum and tools for groups interested in improving their work at each stage of the pipeline, but with a specific emphasis on supporting staff in facilitating young people's transition in the final stage. The webinar will help youth organizers understand how to use the tools in their work. We believe this will be valuable resource for the field.