Sanctuary & Transformative Media Organizing Part 1: Sanctuary for All

FCYO youth organizations and organizers to a two-part webinar series on Sanctuary and Transformative Media Organizing.

  • The first webinar, held on May 9th, 2017, focuses on how youth organizers are defining sanctuary and organizing around it in cities, neighborhoods, and schools.
  • The second webinar, taking place on May 30th, 2017, will look at how youth organizers are using youth created media as a tool in their campaigns for sanctuary and related issues.

In our first webinar, participants heard from organizers shaping the narrative and leading campaigns that define sanctuary led by frontline communities. Speakers explored campaign examples, tools, lessons learned and their experiences working in coalition to define sanctuary as it relates to land, cooperatives and safe spaces while challenging participants to make plays and take action.

Panelist included