Organizing for Marijuana Policy: Opportunities for Justice Reinvestment and Racial Equity

Across the country, a growing number of states are legalizing marijuana and are collecting significant new tax revenues from the quickly growing and highly profitable marijuana industry. This webinar explores how youth organizing groups can organize to influence marijuana policy and win new resources for justice reinvestment and for health and education supports for youth and young adults of color. The webinar shares examples from California of how organizing efforts are laying the groundwork for racial justice wins.


Malaki Seku Amen: President and CEO:The California Urban Partnership

Malaki has been in the vanguard of community economic development for 25 years. He has lived and told the stories of people organizing for economic security as a journalist; he has pioneered innovative business support programs in communities of color; and he has steered policy in the executive and legislative branches of state government. Malaki is currently leading the R+HEMP Network (Racial and Health Equity in Marijuana Policy), a coalition working on racial justice and marijuana policy in Sacramento and at the State Capitol.

Jody Johnson: Executive Director, RoccSolid Advisement

Jody is a leader in youth mentoring and in developing advocacy and leadership among Black students throughout the Sacramento region.

Jim Keddy: Executive Director of Youth Forward

Jim is a long-time community organizer and a former foundation vice president. Over a twelve-year period he helped build and lead the statewide organizing effort, PICO California. While at The California Endowment, Jim laid the groundwork for the foundation’s youth organizing strategy. He is currently co-leading the R+HEMP Network with Malaki Seku Amen.