In Solidarity with the Atlanta Solidarity Fund

POSTED: 6.8.2023

The Atlanta Solidarity Fund, a mutual aid organization supporting activists who are arrested, had three of its members arrested by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations in a targeted raid. This act of political repression sets a dangerous precedent, enabling law enforcement agencies, their associations, and collaborating political actors to deprive groups and individuals of their rights for offering financial assistance. These actions are part of a broader agenda to push through the controversial #CopCity project, a $90 million police training facility that has faced significant opposition due to its destructive nature and infringement on unceded Muskogee territory. 

The arrests in Atlanta are the latest in a series of violent actions taken by Georgia police to suppress political opposition, including a protest encampment raid resulting in a fatal shooting. 
The Funders For Justice network calls for collective action to condemn these authoritarian tactics and support community justice. It urges funders to support the Atlanta Solidarity Fund and local organizers fighting against state violence, emphasizing the importance of sustained funding for movements. Additionally, it highlights the need to divest from irresponsible police projects like #CopCity and invest in essential community services instead.

Read the full statement here.