FCYO's #PowertoWin Field Scan Series

FCYO continues to celebrate our 20th anniversary by honoring the powerful role of young people in advancing a more just and equitable world. Over the last twenty years, young people of color, low-income young people, and gender-oppressed young people have made essential contributions to movements for racial, gender, and economic justice. And in this pivotal moment, they are once again rising to address our most pressing issues.

2020 was truly a landmark year for youth organizing - which is why our  2020 National Youth Organizing Field Scan is our largest and most comprehensive review of the youth organizing field to date! A series of four reports, the field scan offers an in-depth look into a field that has grown significantly over the last two decades. Data from the report was collected in partnership with the Research Hub on Youth Organizing at University of Colorado, Boulder, University of California, Santa Cruz, and COMM|VEDA Consulting. It outlines the findings of a year-long, mixed methods scan of the field of youth organizing, including a survey completed by 312 youth organizing groups as well as interviews and focus groups with 49 youth organizing leaders across 38 organizations. 

In the #PowertoWin Field Scan series, we will bring together youth organizing practitioners, funders, and allies in interactive conversations on the field scan’s findings and an in-depth review of the last two decades of the youth organizing field through the lens of its growth and viability, how youth organizing groups are navigating complex social and political landscapes, how far the field has come, and where it is headed.

Join us for a three-part series!

Investing to Win: A 20 Year Philanthropic Review of Youth Organizing | April 27th, 2021

A review of the the 2020 Funder Scan Findings

Organizing to Win: 20 Years of Youth Power | May 20th, 2021

A review of the 2020 Field Scan Findings

Equity to Win: Health at the Center | June 24th, 2021

A review of the 2020 Health Equity Report