NYABMOC Launches First Annual Community Justice Reinvestment Award

POSTED: 1.1.2016

The National Youth Alliance on Boys and Men of Color is excited to announce the first annual Justice Reinvestment Community Awardees! 11 organizations will receive $25,000 to incubate, accelerate or activate their campaign and an invitation to the first NYABMOC National Convening, which will inform a collaborative campaign opportunities across our networks.

The NYABMOC, in partnership with the Executive’s Alliance on Boys and Men of Color, launched the first annual Justice Reinvestment Community Award Fund to provide over $500,000 in support for youth-led campaigns to address systemic barriers to equity for boys and men of color. This fund was created when a group of youth leaders presented to foundation executives in April, 2016 and asked them to support a fund that would advance campaigns for justice led by young men of color.

The Justice Reinvestment Community Award was designed and managed by youth leaders and staff from the NYABMOC. It supports local campaigns to dismantle systems that harm our communities while also resourcing restorative solutions led by young people of color:

  • Educational Justice to end school to prison and deportation pipeline
  • Youth Justice to end youth incarceration
  • Workforce Justice to remove barriers to full employment


Youth Justice Coalition (Los Angeles, CA)

The LA for Youth Campaign builds positive youth development programming by transferring funding from law enforcement and incarceration to support youth and community development.

Baltimore Algebra Project (Baltimore, MD)

The Baltimore Algebra Project is completely youth run and addresses the conditions of boys and men of color through educational organizing to establish a local and national student bill of rights for education and full employment.

Fearless Leading by the Youth (FLY) (Chicago, IL)

Fearless Leading by the Youth (FLY) Leaders will organize to end youth and child incarceration by requesting the complete shutdown of the the Audy Home Campaign (Cook County Juvenile Detention Center) and replacing it with a full comprehensive neighborhood, community and citywide Restorative Justice model and framework.

Urban Youth Collaborative (New York, NY)

Urban Youth Collaborative’s (UYC) has been organizing to end the School-to-Prison Pipeline, and the coalition’s efforts have largely focused on changing New York City’s school discipline policies in order to reduce the impact of school suspensions.

Providence Youth Student Movement (Providence, RI)

Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM) launched the Community Defense Project (CDP) campaign that combines legal support, community organizing power, and mental health resources while building a base to challenge police violence and to end the school-to-prison pipeline in Providence Public Schools.

Power U Center for Social Change (Miami, FL)

Power U will launch a new campaign that will call on Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) to divest from policing and punitive discipline in order to make greater investments in restorative justice and reproductive justice. In May 2017, the campaign will release a report on school climate in MDCPS.

New Orleans Community Action Team - EMPLOY (New Orleans, LA)

The mission of the EMPLOY Collaborative at the Cowen Institute is to reconnect 16-24 year old young men of color to high quality education and employment pathways. EMPLOY will launch the New Orleans EMPLOY Youth Action Team to actively lead in addressing the issues that confront them as opportunity youth.

Friends and Families of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children (New Orleans, LA)

Friends and Families of  Louisiana's Incarcerated Children (FFLIC) is seeking funding support for our newly launched project “The Black Man Rising Movement (BMR)” to empower youth training on how to be successful advocates for themselves when they are faced with the inequities that the education and juvenile justice systems in Louisiana often present towards Black boys and men of color.

Flowers and Bullets (Tucson, AZ)

Flowers and Bullets Collective launched a campaign to convert a vacant 10 acre Elementary School into an urban green space and sustainable farm tentatively called the “Midtown Farm” for young men of color to develop culturally specific alternatives and diversions to incarceration while building a “green pipeline ” including sustainable job skills, skills for healthy living and leadership.

Urban Peace Movement (Oakland, CA)

Urban Peace Movement (UPM) will engage young men from their leadership program to lead the “1400 Jobs for Freedom Campaign” which is pushing Alameda County to design and implement a program to hire 1400 formerly incarcerated community members into quality jobs with the County and its partners.

Resilience Orange County (Santa Ana, CA) 

Resilience OC will organize a participatory research campaign for students and parents to create set of proposals and recommendations to the Santa Ana Unified School District for establishing Sanctuary Schools in partnership with community-based organizations and legal services organizations that provide resources for families facing different types of immigration related issues, including detention and deportation.


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