FCYO Moves to a Co-Leadership Model

POSTED: 7.28.2020

In the midst of a global pandemic, a looming economic and environmental crisis, and historic uprisings against police violence, we must act quickly and boldly to move toward a more just and equitable future. At this moment, Black youth and other young people of color are leading a multiracial front against structural racism. As we join them in radically reimagining the world and echoing their call for institutional transformation, we at FCYO are called to reflect on the social justice charges of our own mission and values. Rising to the challenges of this moment, we are proud to announce that FCYO has transitioned to a shared leadership model where we now will serve as co-executive directors. 

Mónica Córdova's experience in multigenerational organizing, civic engagement, and building national networks has advanced the mission and vision of FCYO over the last 6 years. As a champion for health equity and racial and educational justice, Mónica has strengthened our internal culture and successfully guided strategic programming such as the Youth Power Lab and the Healthy Communities Initiative. A co-directorship recognizes the leadership Mónica holds while advancing our charge to build bases at significant scale, develop broad strategic alliances, and elevate public narratives that promote our vision of social justice and true democracy.

As an organization committed to racial and gender justice, we believe the leadership of women of color is paramount to realizing our collective vision. Co-leadership is an opportunity for us to step into one of the most critical organizing moments of our time with elevated clarity and power. 

We both began as youth organizers and share a deep commitment to supporting young people on the forefront of social justice. Our ability to lead as a team is not only built on a six-year work partnership, but a much longer organizing relationship that allows our complementary and diverse skills to advance and strengthen the work of FCYO. 

This shift to collaborative leadership comes at a truly exciting stage for FCYO as we celebrate our 20th anniversary with a new and bold vision to:

  • Provide a significant boost in resources to young people advancing racial, economic, and gender justice
  • Build a more powerful, strategic, and aligned youth organizing field with the capacities to address the challenges of this moment
  • Develop leadership pathways that support a regenerating base of young leaders from the communities most impacted by injustice

As a society, we are at a pivotal moment. Young people are showing a readiness to organize, however, addressing the challenges we face will require a new level of strategy, alignment, and power. Just as youth organizing groups are leveling up to meet this moment, so must adult allies and funders. This co-directorship will help FCYO meet these challenges with bold leadership. We invite all of you to join us in stepping up to support young people who are building power to transform our communities and country. 

In solidarity,

Mónica and Eric
Co-Executive Directors, FCYO